Victoria's Child Protection system has been in crisis for too long. The people who are asked to protect children are overworked and can't provide the level of care that is required. If we want to protect every child, we have to start by making sure the people doing the protecting are looked after.

A long term solution requires an improved system of work for the people looking after vulnerable children. If the government implemented a ceiling on cases for each officer then vulnerable children will not fall through the cracks.

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I'm caught between wanting to support my CP workforce but the Department and Treasury keep telling me to fund News Ltd and Fairfax placed job advertisements cos it'll buy better press.
...Lisa Nev

Support our workers to support our children

We have to have adequate resources including manageable and sustainable work loads if we are serious about protecting children!
...kristina lantzsch

DHS needs to ensure workers are properly supported in their role and avoid burnout through professional, regualr supervision and monitoring of case loads. Staff retention is a huge issue and needs to be addressed as a matter of urgency and sholud not be allowed to be addressed by individual offices
...Carmel Arber

How you people work under such constrained conditions is a miracle, thank god the children have you. If the polititicians had to do your job I hate to think of the the consequences.
...ron dean

We must have manageable workloads to ensure we are able to protect the children that use our service.
...Louisa Hayes

Better pay might result in recruiting more staff however, the quality of the staff recruited is equally as important. Child Protection Staff need to be retained and pay and lower case loads are just one of the contributing factors.

I support child protection being adequately resourced so that workers and children are all protected and safe.
...yvonne avery

Increased wages will encourage staff to apply and remain with the department. This in turn will mean more staff to spread the workload and lead to retention. Look at the starting salary of a qualified child protection worker and see if you think this is a fair wage to pay the people who help to prot
...Wendy Bond

i support manageable workloads, these staff should have a limit on the number of children they look after so they can keep the children safe, and keep themselves safe too. There's an election coming up, i hope the government is listening, because children all deserve to grow up free from abuse, an

To have a range of resources- support services for families and reasonable out of home placement options would greatly reduce the pressure on both our clients and us the workers.
...Susan Morwood

The current system is not designed to protect children. It's designed to protect senior bureaucrats and politicians. Consequently, the few resources that exist in DHS are diverted to minimising the impact of high-profile cases, and rigging the KPIs. Children at risk are neglected by DHS, and the fe

Child Protection definitely needs to be better resourced so that Child Protection staff and the children they assist are all protected and safe. For children to be adequately protected, the staff who protect them, need the protection of safe systems of work, and safe, manageable and sustainable w

I work at the ASU and worked as a social worker for 14 years. Case loads must be limited. Our Children deserve the best and that means having case workers that have the time to work through the complexities of these children's lives so that the children have the best possible chance to thrive.
...Julie Kun

Respect us - reduce our workloads and pay us accordingly for our dedication and skill levels. This in turn will lead to staff retention and will allow us the resources to better protect our most vulnerable children.

We need more managable case loads - case load ceilings. More resourses and better pay to attract and retain staff.
...Mark Chapman

I agree, the need to look after workers is a vital part of looking after the children they work with.
...Maree Hallinan

CP workers need safe workloads so that they can provide a safe and stable service to our children and their families without compromising their own families and lifestyles. More staff and improved resources to the whole service system would be a wonderful start!
...Merienne Scott

It is critical that the child protection system in Victoria be well funded and that adequate staffing levels are maintained through appropriate salaries and ongoing support for staff. Workers in this field do an enormously difficult, yet vital job for the well-being of our community.
...Deborah Rosenberg

DHS need to ensure that the workers are not put under undue pressure to achieve results when workers are extremely overloaded. A manageable Work/Life Balance should not just be a sentiment, but needs to be actively encouraged and supported.

Good job

Well Done Mandy, keep getting the message across, we need better wages, conditions and more staff so we can provide the level of service we all want to

I praise your staff that you do have in Child Protection and I fully support you in having more staff on board. I believe the Government does not put in enough money and time to help you help children and families in Child Protection. I do hope you win your fight in increasing staff.
...Michele Mircev

Without the workers support, where would these children be??? Almost don't even need to think about it!

I support an increase in the number of child protection workers and believe they also need to hold a higher level qualification to support families appropriately
...Christine Tanner

We need to keep public awareness on the the child protection system to ensure better outcomes for the most vulnerable in our community. We also need to ensure that staff health and staff recruitment and retention issues are prioritised and do not continue to be brushed over!
...Leah Taylor


hey guys, as a social worker, i so admire those of you who work in CP. i know i couldn't do it. So, well done!!!!

i support child protection at all levels our children are our future
...karen carter

i work for child protection in victoria

Start changing the way this system works, NO more stealing Newborns, And get rid of The SECTION 106A... Because Parents are deemed guilty of a Reviewable Childs Death. Even when their child is still alive & breathing.

We all have to care for these little souls. They are the future hearts of the nation.
...Barbara McIvor

You do an amazing job, you deserve to be paid properly, and to have a manageable workload, so you can provide protection for those important children. Good on you and thanks!

Raising children is a community responsibility. Child Protection work with the most vulnerable and complex families. Workers need manageable case loads, realistic work hours and more resources to do an effective job. Investment is needed now for a sustainable workforce. Our children are our future.
...Anne M

Child protection do such a difficult job and should be given every support possible to ensure they can adequately protect the children of Australia

Please properly fund child protection, this has been neglected for far too long.
...Abby Gibson

To all those who work in child protection: What an amazing job you do. You need more time, more money and less cases per worker. More power to you all.

More staff in regional areas who have to cover vast distance even to assist these children. Better timeframes for desicions made to be implemented.
...john crimmins

More government funding needs to be channelled into child protection, to train more staff, and support existing staff, to allow a better proportion of clients to staff
...Norma Worswick

Victorian Child Protection workers are the lowest paid in Australia. Pay workers who have client contact a realistic wage to maintain continuity for families and preserve valuable experience. Reduce the number of highly paid managers who operate in seclusion from real families.
...Tony workloads for everyone – caseload limits and workload controls 2.better pay and conditions 3.more staff and resources 4 i love my job, and i wanna stay....

child protection works need all the support they can get, how this is done, i don't know. But I am sure the current child protection workers need to be listened to as they are the ones involved with the chidlren and families in need. they do a hard job which is extremely important a childs life.
...Yvonne P

The children need to come first and we are not doing this when protective serivces are under resourced
...Tamar Burns

More resources are needed to help child protection workers do one of the most difficult jobs in the world.

Gill CALLISTER says there are 'about' 600 frontline child protection workers; some stats for you for 2009: Total notifications 339,454 Total finalised investigations 162,259 Total substantiations 54,621 Children on orders 35, 409 Children in OOHC 34, 069 Enough said!!

With many friends working in this area I could not agree more that we need to start by looking after the people who work in this area. Too many good people leave due to exhaustion, over work and stress, helping no one, lest of all the children at risk.
...Thirza White

Change will only happen if the workforce gets involved in negotiations. June is the time.....It's time. We know the problems. We know the solutions. Stop the complacency that says there is nothing we can do. There is much we can do simply by getting involved.

We all know the solutions. Its time to take responsibility for our workplace conditions and speak up! get involved! Rally to support the negotiators. Its time....June is time for Vic.
...Get Organised

Time to end the search for answers. We already know what they are. Without the workforce getting involved things will remain the same...or worse
...Speak up.

Use those wonderful advocacy and networking skills to advocate for better conditions and network to gain support for the negotiators...we know the's time to get organised and fight for the children at the big picture level :-))
...CPW's are amazing

more qualified male managers , toooo many female managers, in CP

The Government should be doing everything it can to protect not only the children but the fantastic workers who so easily burn out due to the demands of the job
...Susan Cummins

Great thinking! That really bearks the mold!

provide protection to children is adult's responsibility

Provide protection to children is adult's responsibility

I believe that Child protection workers need further or specialist training in this field to help with the retention and the recruitment of workers.
...Rikki-Lea Robertson

More needs to be done to keep CP workers in the job and supported. They need to be rewarded for all their hard work and top know that they are valued...

You pay peanuts and you get monkeys.
...Patricia McCausland

The people I work with are amazing, strong, selfless people who work above and beyond to speak out for the many children at risk in our society. They all deserve your respect and support!!!!

New Social Work practitioners are hesitant to apply for jobs in child protection because we already know that workers are underpaid, have unmanageable case loads and burnout...We also know that we are desperately needed...What is the Government doing???

Am stunned, along with my colleagues, that the CPSU has sold out workers - was CP just a pawn in the Unions campaign to get results for the higher membership unions.

Well done CP. You all did a great job supporting the nurses. Your own workplace conditions have been forfeited for the sake of union membership in those unions with higher profiles and dollars. The sense in the workplace that CP has been 'used' is palpable!
...CPSU is for CPSU